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Rat Control in Westminster City Centre

Rat Control in Westminster City Centre

Rats are one of the most common pest problems in . An adult rat weighs brown or black with grey fur beneath them. Their tail is shorter than their head and body together. Rats are efficient burrowers and good climbers and can climb vertical brick walls.

They are good swimmers and feel right at home in the sewers where they have food, water and shelter. Their front teeth actually never stop growing. To maintain an effective length teeth rats chew on hard objects all the time like lead pipes, bricks, electrical cables and wood, etc. They are usually active at night, but they are also alert during the day.

You may notice heavily in your home, used runs between their living area and where they get their source of food and water. That is usually somewhere in your kitchen. The life expectancy of rats is one year.

Without taking necessary rat control measures, it can be very easy for the rat infestation to get out of hand, contacting our team at once can help you regain and keep control of your London home. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our rat control services are the most reliable and effective.

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